Know Yourself – A Practical Guide For ‘ Veteran-Transitioning’

This blog is written by Sunny Makroo, CEO, Military To Corp-M2C and it draws highlights from a recent talk by him at  Management Development Institute, Gurgaon for AFP (Armed Forces Personnel) Batch – 2016.   If you  know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles. -Sun Tzu[…]

Recruiters Speak: Essential Skills They Prefer in Military Resumes

At M2C, the months of April and May 2016 witnessed numerous job openings across domains, industries, levels, and regions created and published for military talent, for which hundreds of ex-military professionals applied. In the process of feedback exchanged between the Talent Acquisition Managers of our client companies and the recruiters at M2C, some patterns emerged[…]

Military Resume- Avoid These 3 Worst Mistakes

Recently, M2C published a number of job opportunities on its website for ex-military talent across domains such as business development, legal and admin, operations, and marketing for which hundreds of resume were received; resumes ranging from two pages to 12 pages, from stereotyped to professionally written, from general to job specific, and from military-jargon-laden to corporate-heavy-terms.[…]